Dog Speech Training Buttons

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  • (Recordable Sound Button) This button is perfect for recording voice content up to 30 seconds, hold down the TOP button wait for BEEP and record. It's small and easy to carry.
  • (Pet Training Button)What skills do you want to train the dog, four colors button as options for different training phrase. We recommend starting with simple physical exercise, such as train pets to press buttons the recordings when they want to play/ walk/ eat/ water. No one want their dogs to scratch at the door.
  • (High Quality Sound)Enjoy a loud, high-quality sound when using your talking button to record message or phrase! And the volume of the playback is loud and clear, making it easy for all size dogs to join in the fun.
  • (Child Game Buzzer) Game interaction, Parents can Use it to send a secret message or leave a short reminder message to enlighten the baby. You can change the recording at any time you want.
  • (Wacky Practical Joke) Is it a bit nervous at work? Use our sound toys to relieve emotions! By simply playing "hahaha" recorder button you can break the deadlock and avoid trouble in the awkward situation.
  • Battery Included