PurrToy Dog/Cat First Aid Kit

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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CARE FOR YOUR DOG, CAT OR ANIMAL IN ONE PLACE! ALWAYS BE PREPARED -- Live worry-free knowing that you have a care plan in place for your pets. This cat emergency kit ensures you keep your loyal companion safe and comfortable in any situation.
  •  HUGE RANGE OF TOOLS & SUPPLIES FOR EVERY INCIDENT! Always carry the necessary pet supplies to treat your companion. Contents include an array of products to treat, and maintain injuries until you can consult with a veterinarian.
  •  IMMEDIATE TREATMENT IN ANY SITUATION-- Do what you can to protect your pet from complications. All of the basic necessities are included in this pet first aid kit, so you don’t have to wait to treat minor cuts, or rely on makeshift cat collars.
  • GRAB & GO, PORTABLE & WATERPROOF KIT! This comprehensive survival kit is easily stored, allowing you to take it anywhere. Leave it in your car to use roadside, or at home as a convenient addition to your family’s evacuation kit.
  • UNIVERSAL USE FOR ANY CAT, DOG, PET, ANIMAL OR EVEN ON HUMANS! The bag’s waterproof material is designed to empower you to be prepared during any adventure, and on all terrains. In a pinch, this cat emergency kit doubles as a first aid kit for any pet or human subject.